Piano Lessons

Learn how to music…

More than just piano lessons

As an undergraduate music student, Marius Tesch participated in independent study programs in music pedagogy to learn the art and science of teaching music. As a professional educator and high school teacher, Marius knows what it takes to create engaging, rigorous lessons, grasp students’ attention, and help them set and achieve goals.

A goal is a dream with a deadline


1 Hour Lesson: $40.00

45 Minute Lesson: $30.00

30 Minute Lesson: $20.00

In-home Driving Fee: $10.00/Lesson

An education in music is complex and requires far more than the ability to push keys on an instrument. Musical literacy is can only be honed through a multifaceted approach relying on a variety of corequisite skills for real mastery. Marius knows how to deliver these skills to students in engaging ways while also motivating them to make music a meaningful part of themselves.